Macho Sporto Ad Cast Girl Name, Actress Alongside Sidhharth, Her Insta ID, 2024

Yeh Toh Bada Toing Hai! I know you’ve come here after seeing the Macho Sporto ad, just like me, to find out the name of the girl in the yellow T-shirt, am I right? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ll discuss about that girl. In this post, I’ll provide you with details about the cast of the Macho Sporto ad and also the Instagram ID of that girl.

When we talk about Macho Sporto, it’s a men’s clothing brand where you’ll find trendy fashion, including underwear, t-shirts, innerwear, shorts, track pants, and other clothing items.

Last time when the ad for Amul Macho Hint was launched, I wrote a blog post about the cast of Macho hint, and you all showed a lot of support for that post.

And this time the Macho recently launched an advertisement promoting Macho Sporto, with the tagline “Yeh Toh Bada Toing Hai.” This ad is currently trending heavily on the internet.

The reason behind its popularity is the actress featured in the ad, who is standing next to popular Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra, wearing a yellow shirt and teasing him.

Macho Sporto Ad Actress wearing a yellow shirt and teasing him
Image Credit: YouTube/Sporto by Macho

On social media, there has been a lot of discussion about that actress. Who is she? What’s her name, and what’s her Instagram ID?

Keeping this in mind, I have prepared this post so that I can help you. After hours of research, I have gathered details about the girl in the Macho Sporto advertisement, and today in this post, I will provide you with all the details about that girl or model shown in the advertisement. So without wasting any time let’s see the complete Macho Sporto Ad Cast.

Macho Sporto Ad Cast

Natasha Singh

Photo of Actress Natasha Singh
Image Credit: Instagram/Natasha Singh

So friends, The Macho Sporto Ad Girl Name is Natasha Singh. She is Model and Actress from India. Natasha has worked in several music videos, advertisements, and TV commercials, as well as in some movies and web series.

While talking about her age, as of May 2024, Natasha would be 31 years old. Natasha’s birthplace is Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. And she belongs to a Hindu family.

Natasha is a very talented actress; she won the title of Miss Himachal in 2015.

Apart from macho sporto, Natasha has so far worked in many commercials for popular brands including Hyundai, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Tata Cliq, Medimix, VLCC, and much more.

In this ad, Natasha looks quite cute wearing a yellow shirt, which suits her face perfectly. Her face is a perfect fit for this ad.

Macho Sporto Ad Girl Natasha looks quite cute wearing a yellow shirt
Image Credit: YouTube/Sporto by Macho

Alongside her modeling and acting career, Natasha is also a vlogger and YouTuber. She and her husband, Ashish, regularly upload vlogs of their daily life on their YouTube channel.

While their channel, “Ashish Natasha vlogs,” isn’t extremely popular, as of today’s date in May 2024, they have approximately 6.59k subscribers on their YouTube channel.

When we talk about Natasha’s social media presence, she is quite active on social media and is also quite popular. As of today’s date, May 2024, she has 845K active followers on her Instagram account.

Here is Natasha’s Instagram ID. If you’re a fan of hers, you can follow her at,

Siddharth Malhotra

Photo of Bollywood Actor Siddharth Malhotra
Image Credit: Instagram

Siddharth Malhotra, who wouldn’t know him? In this ad, Siddharth has portrayed the role of the male lead actor. And Siddharth is looking very hot or rather handsome in this ad.

And recently Siddharth has become the brand ambassador for Macho Sporto.

Macho Sporto Advertisement Details

Macho Sporto Advertisement Details
Image Credit: YouTube/Sporto by Macho
Brand NameAmul
Brand AmbassadorSidharth Malhotra
Theme Of AdYeh Toh Bada Toing Hai!
Product NameMacho Sporto
Ad AgencyN/A
Duration0.20 Sec
Ad Release DateApr 25, 2024
Campaign NameMacho Sporto – Clean Bowled

If we talk about this ad, it was recently released on April 25, 2024, on the “Sporto by Macho” YouTube channel. This ad is only 20 seconds long, and as soon as it was launched, it became quite viral.

It was shown in the ad that boys and girls are watching a cricket match on TV in separate groups. One group of girls is supporting the yellow team while another group of boys is supporting the blue team.

Both groups are cheering and enjoying themselves, and when the blue team wins, the boys become quite happy. Sidharth shouts, “Clean Bowled” Then lead actress Natasha also shouts, “I’m also bowled!”

So guy’s this is the story of this ad, but Natasha is looking very beautiful in this ad.

Friends, I regularly reveal information about advertisement casts and the names of girls. You can check out my other blog posts such as LinkedIn ad cast, Fogg, Tata Neu, Grow app, Puro Salt, Amazon Pay ad cast and more. There are also many beautiful actresses featured in these posts.

Watch Macho Sporto Ad

YouTube video
Video Credit- YouTube/Sporto by Macho


Who is the girl in the Macho Sporto Ad?

The girl in the Macho Sporto ad is Natasha Singh.

Who are the actors in Macho Sporto advertisement?

The actors in the Macho advertisement are Natasha Singh and Sidharth Malhotra.


Friends, this was some information about the cast of the Macho Sporto ad. How did you find the information I provided, please let me know by commenting.

And yes, if you want to know about the cast or girl of any specific ad, please tell me in the comments, and I will create a dedicated blog post about it.

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