Bard of Blood Cast: Who plays whom in Netflix’s upcoming espionage thriller

Four years after Bilal Siddiqi’s espionage novel The Bard of Blood was released, the TV adaptation of the book is the latest in Netflix’s never-ending pandora of content. Starring some big names from the Bollywood industry, the seven-episode long series promises to be a high-octane spy thriller where lives are at stake. But before you actually start binging (rather uncontrollably) on Bard of Blood, here’s a chance for you to get familiar with all the characters.

Let’s take a look at the full Bard of Blood cast and the roles they will be portraying in the show:

Bard of Blood cast: Who plays whom in the Netflix original series?

Emraan Hashmi as Kabir Anand

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Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi plays an ex-communicated Indian Intelligence Wing agent, Kabir Anand in the series. Filled with trauma and regret, Kabir Anand now lives a quotidian life as an English teacher who is reciting Shakespeare to teenagers in school. We get a first glimpse of Kabir Anand in the first episode, when circumstances force IIW to contact him once again. Specialising in hostage rescue, Kabir Anand (codename: Adonis) is just the man of the hour as we see him in the rest of the season — travelling to depths of an arid Balochistan — focused on the mission in hand.

Shobita Dhulipala as Isha Khanna

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An analyst in the Indian Intelligence Wing, Isha Khanna is the mind of the mission. Cracking clues and decoding signals, Isha Khanna may just be the best one for this job but like Steve Carrell in Get Smart, Shobita’s character too yearns for on-field assignments and is on the brink of leaving the agency. That’s when situations force her to accompany Kabir Anand to Balochistan in a journey where not only is she realising her dream but her limits are being pushed and her life is on the line.

Viineet Singh as Veer Singh

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Previously seen in critically acclaimed movies like Gangs of WasseypurMukkabaaz and Bombay Talkies, Viineet Singh plays the third and final character in the Balochistan dream team. Veer is an Indian spy working with the IIW stationed in Afghanistan. Although he has been forgotten by the agency back in India despite him sending weekly reports of the drug trail he is following, Kabir and Isha identify Veer as the perfect third member for the mission.

Jaideep Ahlawat as Shehzad Tanvir

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Now across the enemy lines, Jaideep Ahlawat plays Shezad, an ISA agent who is neck deep in Taliban’s operations in Pakistan. Not only is Shehzad providing them immunity but he is also willing to go to any lengths to keep all sides happy. Shehzad has a penchant for mind games and looks to be in control of the situation he has created.

Kirti Kulhari as Jannat Marri

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A character that does not feature in the novel, Jannat Marri is apparently producer Shah Rukh Khan’s brainchild. Shah Rukh sir had a few inputs, very crucial ones which definitely shaped the show. One of which was Jannat which actually stemmed from him you know. It was his idea to have a strong female character in the midst of all this conflict,” said writer Bilal Siddiqi in an exclusive interview with us. Jannat is the elder sister of the current Balochistan Armed Forces head Nusrat Marri and is an epitome of practicality and level-headedness. She always tries to bring out a suitable solution and eventually plays a very important role in the series.

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