Groww Ad Girl Name: Who is the Bride? Let’s check her Photos & Instagram ID (2024)

Life mein Groww karo! I know you’ve also seen this ad, and now you’re searching for the Groww Ad Girl Name or bride shown in this ad, am I right? Then don’t worry, this blog post is for you. Here, I’ve found out the Groww App Ad Girl Name and I’m going to share it with you.

Friends, Groww is an online investment platform based in India that operates through a mobile application. Millions of people use this Groww app.

With the Groww app, people can invest in various financial instruments such as mutual funds, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and more.

The Groww Company also pays a lot of attention to its advertisements; they keep launching different ads to attract user’s attention.

Friends, just last month, Groww platform launched an advertisement with the tagline “Life mein Groww karo!” which is becoming very viral these days.

The reason behind its popularity is the model portrayed within it, which played the character of a bride.

Groww App Ad Girl Name or Bride name
Image Credit: YouTube/Groww

As soon as I saw this ad, I felt like, “Wow, this actress looks so beautiful and lovely as the bride.” Then I quickly started researching about her. After an hour of research, I finally found out her name and Instagram ID.

So friends, in this post, I am going to share with you the Groww app girl name and her Instagram ID. Let’s see.

Groww Ad Girl Name


Image Credit: Instagram

So guys Groww App Advertisement Girl name is SreePriya. Basically she is from South Indian film and Television industry.

SreePriya works on the popular TV show ‘Dhee’ airing on ETV Telugu channel. She has also worked in various other movies and advertisements.

The scene in this ad is like this: the actress is participating in her “Haldi ceremony” (a pre-wedding ritual in Indian weddings), and she says, “Independent Banata he”.

In the role of the bride, SreePriya looks quite beautiful; this is why the makers have cast her.

Groww App Advertisement Girl name
Image Credit: YouTube/Groww

Here is Her Instagram ID-

There are other actors in this advertisement, but I don’t know their names because Groww platform and team have not given any credit to the cast in any way, nor have they shared their names.

Crew Members

AgencyTilt Brands
CreativeAdars Hatal, Pradhumn Acholia, Swapnil Patil, Sashrika Panchal
StrategyGulshan Singh, Sanchari Chakrabarty
BusinessProbably Rajiv, Arjun Budhiraja, Tanya Shetty, Aamir Sakri, Jagannath Rane
Production HouseCrazy Few Films
DirectorSharat Kumar
Executive ProducersUrfi Kazmi / Viiraaj
Producer (Head of Production)Sunny Talkss
ProducerSiddhi Bhopale
Associate Director@edulgovadia
Inhouse DAAditi Kumar
DASholka Polka
Line ProducerAnujj Tiwari
Production Manager@robi__dey21, Adarsh Shukla
Production Asst.Shivmay Tiwari, Siddhant Mishra
Location Manager@sanskritiarts.location (Ranveer Rajput)
1st AD@kshippie
2nd ADMaher Wadia, Kanika Balsare
Production Designer@parichit5
Associate PDSaloni Porwal_
Art AssistantsNitin Jain, Dhanashree More, Supriya Jain, Roshni Jadhav, Dhanashree, Anushika Luthra (Graphics)
Casting Director@anti.casting (@vaibhav_vishant)
Costume Designer@seepigupta
Associate Costume Designer@shikha._.g
Costume Assistant@prernalalchandani
DressmenMuhammed Mushtaque
Make up / Hair@makeupby_mahimawachher
Sync SoundRoyston D’Lima
StoryboardRatheesh k
GafferBishnu Thapa (Light-N-Light)
Focus PullerAnant Kathe
GripsJaved Hashmi (The Gripworks)
RoninSagar Singh
Production BoysRam Vhanale & Team

Groww App Advertisement Details

Groww App Advertisement Details
Image Credit: YouTube/Groww
Brand NameGroww
Brand AmbassadorHarsh Jain
Theme Of AdLife mein Groww karo!
Product NameGroww
Ad AgencyTilt Brands
Duration1.23 Sec
Ad Release Date29 Mar, 2024
Campaign NameGroww- Life mein Groww karo!

When it comes to the ad, it’s a short ad of 1.23 minutes that was launched on the official Groww platform’s YouTube channel on March 29, 2024.

This ad has been made by Crazy Few Films Production House, and it has been directed by Sharat Kumar, the director of Crazy Few Films. This ad has been cast by Casting Director – Anti Casting and Vaibhav Vishant.

Anti casting are the same people who last time created ads for Kellogg’s Muesli, Maggi, Puro Salt, and Fogg. They are a popular casting director, or you can say an ad agency that creates advertisements.

The creative team behind this ad, Adars Hatal, Pradhumn Acholia, Swapnil Patil, and Sashrika Panchal are part of its creative team.

Watch Groww Advertisement

YouTube video
 Video Credit- YouTube/Groww


Who is the actress in Groww App commercial?

The actress in the Groww advertisement is SreePriya.

Who is the brand ambassador of Groww App?

The current brand ambassador of Groww is actor Harsh Jain.

Who is the owner of Groww?

Lalit Keshre is owner of Groww?


Friends, this was some information about the Groww App Ad Cast and the girl name. If you think there are any mistakes in my post or if you notice any wrong info, please let me know in the comments below. I will try my best to correct them.

I regularly create blog posts on advertisements like this. If you’re interested in this topic, stay connected with our blog.

And if you want to know about any specific ad’s model or girl’s name, feel free to comment below. I will try to create a blog post on it as soon as possible.

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