‘Wednesday’ Cast: Meet the Extended Addams Family Universe

The Addams Family world gets bigger (and eerier) with Wednesday. In the YA drama (the first four episodes are directed by executive producer Tim Burton), the macabre brood’s eldest child, played by Gen Z horror standout Jenna Ortega, has left her fam’s spooky mansion for the halls of Nevermore Academy, a school with occult secrets of its own. 

At her new academic haunt, teenage Wednesday meets a cast of characters from all corners of the supernatural world. Think: werewolves, sirens, psychics, vampires and many more creatures that go bump in the night. But fear not. We’ve got your complete guide to all the normies and outcasts waiting for you in Wednesday, as explained by the stars, along with co-showrunners and executive producers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough. 

So fix your pigtails and dive in like swimmer-hungry piranhas. Wednesday has already been renewed for Season 2, so you’re going to want to memorize these faces like you’re prepping Nevermore’s toughest midterm test.  

Enid Sinclair

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Meet Wednesday’s “direct opposite,” as Millar calls her. “Super bubbly” Enid is all bright colors, warm fuzzies and school spirit — in other words, she’s Wednesday’s nightmare. Naturally, these two mismatched souls are Nevermore roommates. Enid is also a werewolf, but her lupine journey isn’t exactly going to plan. 

“She’s a bit of a late bloomer, which causes her to feel ostracized from her own community,” Myers says. “And until Wednesday shows up, she hasn’t really learned how to stand up for herself yet. But Wednesday teaches her an important lesson on how to accept yourself and stand up for yourself.” 

These two roomies might just find some common ground after all. 

Xavier Thorpe

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Boys might initially be an “irritation” for Wednesday, as Gough observes, but even she can’t avoid them. “Xavier is the mysterious boy who Wednesday is intrigued by but doesn’t quite know what to make of and isn’t sure what his true agenda is,” Gough says. Nothing less shadowy would interest Wednesday. 

Xavier is one of Nevermore’s most popular students and has a “sense of entitlement,” according to Hynes White. “But [Wednesday] comes along and takes the wind out of his sails,” he reflects. Although Hynes White accidentally assumed his character was a gargoyle (based on a quick scan of the pilot episode script), Xavier is actually a psychic painter whose visions literally pop off the canvas. 

Tyler Galpin 

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Tyler is one of the so-called “normies” of Jericho, the county of regular humans that contains Nevermore. “He unfortunately doesn’t have these cool powers that [everyone else] has, but he’s quite the barista,” Doohan jokes. Still, Tyler has “complications” of his own. “Tyler’s the ultimate boy next door who you discover has a darker past,” Millar teases. Well, Wednesday does love a puzzle.

Bianca Barclay

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When building the world of Wednesday, Gough explains, he and Millar didn’t want to create the “prototypical mean girl.” Instead, we get Bianca, a siren and Nevermore’s queen bee — until Wednesday stalks into the picture. “What we told Joy [before filming] was, ‘This is The Bianca Show and then Wednesday shows up,’” Gough says. Unsurprisingly, Bianca doesn’t want to hand her crown to a complete stranger. It doesn’t help that Bianca’s ex, psychic painter Xavier, is clearly pursuing Wednesday.   

“Bianca seems like the villain, but they say the best way to play a villain is to understand them and justify them,” Sunday says. Sunday has a lot to work with, as Bianca is hiding family secrets and other struggles. As a siren, Bianca has the ability to persuade people with her words. “She has to wear a necklace to make sure that that power doesn’t get too crazy. But she’s pretty powerful and sometimes, as she says, it’s not really that useful,” Sunday muses. 


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When Enid introduces Wednesday to the wild world of the Nevermore social scene, she names four major groups: Fangs, Furs, Scales and Stoners. Ajax, a gorgon, falls into the last category. Not only does this supernatural species have the ability to turn people to stone, but they also enjoy being stoned, if you catch our drift. 

In Season 1, Ajax finds himself drawn to Enid. But otherworldly powers do have the tendency to create romantic strife, particularly for a gorgon. “You feel like these characters are larger than life in this world, but they really have a real grounding to them,” Farmer tells Tudum. “At the end of the day, Ajax is an insecure guy. He has always felt insecure and out of place. It was a really cool thing to explore.” 


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Speaking of Enid, Eugene also has a bit of a crush on Nevermore’s most eligible werewolf. Eugene is a sweet and nerdy Nevermore outcast who is defined by his passion for bees. Through his friendship with Wednesday, Eugene becomes embroiled in the horror of the Jericho monster hunt. But Mostafa is optimistic about his character’s future — especially when it comes to Enid.  

“You can only hope and dream,” he tells Tudum of Eugene’s romantic prospects. “Hope for the best. See what happens.”  

Larissa Weems

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Every magical school needs its principal, and Larissa Weems is the glue holding Nevermore together. Weems has a history with Wednesday’s mom Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones), which gives her common ground with Wednesday. “Weems definitely can empathize with Wednesday’s situation, which is having to step out from under the shadow of Morticia: her success and her glamor and her confidence,” Millar says. 

But don’t expect Weems to be a pushover. “Weems is a woman who has been cruelly overlooked for much of her life. She’s achieved her dream of being principal of the school where she was only ever second best,” the Game of Thrones and Sandman superstar Christie says. “Now she’s forced to confront her past once more in the form of Wednesday, the offspring of her former nemesis, Morticia Addams.”

Christie turned to a headmaster in her own life to inform her character. “Weems is prepared to go to the lengths that are necessary in order to preserve her position,” Christie says. “And not only her own status, but the well-being and status quo of the world that she’s created around her.” Wednesday loves a challenge.  

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