Meet the cast of Money Heist: Berlin – new and returning characters

While there’s been a Money Heist-shaped hole in our lives for the past two years, new spin-off series Berlin has just landed on our screens and is set to supply the show’s patented brand of action and melodrama.

As you may have guessed, the new series centres on the controversial yet charismatic Berlin, played once more by Pedro Alonso.

The brand new batch of eight episodes explores a previously unseen chapter in Berlin’s life, when the career criminal stopped by Paris and set his sights on a luxury auction house.

“It’s a trip through the golden age of the character, when he robbed around Europe crazy in love,” Money Heist creator Álex Pina told Netflix.

But with the new series also comes a brand new crew of characters, some of whom have stark similarities with the original gang, but each one standing firmly on their own as a distinct creation.

Pedro Alonso plays Berlin

Berlin (Pedro Alonso) smiles in an apartment with turquoise walls
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Who is Berlin? Berlin is one of the central characters from the original Money Heist series. Brother to The Professor, he sacrificed his life so that the team could escape, as a terminal diagnosis had recently sealed his fate regardless.

During the Royal Mint heist, Berlin was cold and unpredictable, with his treatment of female hostages continuing to cause controversy among fans. His treatment of women remains a focus in this prequel, which sees him utterly starstruck by a pawn in his scheme.

What else has Pedro Alonso been in? Besides Money Heist, Alsonso is also known for recent films The Silence of the Marsh and Awareness.

Begoña Vargas plays Cameron

Begoña Vargas stars in Money Heist: Berlin
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Who is Cameron? Cameron is the most recent recruit to Berlin’s crew, mirroring the last-minute addition of Tokyo to The Professor’s team in the original series. Both characters are running from their past, but it never stays buried forever.

What else has Begoña Vargas been in? Vargas is known for roles in Spanish productions including Welcome to Eden, High Seas and Centauro.

Michelle Jenner plays Keila

Michelle Jenner plays Keila in Money Heist: Berlin
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Who is Keila? Keila is another member of Berlin’s crew, with a particular expertise in hacking and technology. She is a somewhat shy, introverted personality, who is taken aback by sudden strong feelings towards a comrade.

What else has Michelle Jenner been in? Another Spanish talent, Jenner is known for roles in Cathedral of the Sea, The Cook of Castamar and Heirs to the Land.

Julio Peña plays Roi

Roi and Cameron in riding a motorcycle in Money Heist: Berlin
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Who is Roi? Roi is a career criminal with a knack for lock-picking, who has worked with Berlin since his misspent teenage years. As a result, he is fiercely loyal to his mentor and always strives to obey every rule of a good heist. However, a spark with newcomer Cameron proves challenging to resist.

What else has Julio Peña been in? Peña got his big break on the Disney Channel as part of the regular cast of Argentine series Bia. He went on to star in the Netflix original film Through My Window.

Joel Sánchez plays Bruce

Bruce leans against a doorway in Money Heist: Berlin
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Who is Bruce? Bruce is another member of Berlin’s squad. He’s more braun than brains, often behaving inappropriately – particularly towards women on the team. However, he’ll be forced to take matters more seriously as the stakes raise ever higher.

What else has Joel Sánchez been in? This is the debut screen role for Sánchez, who has previously worked as a model.

Tristán Ulloa plays Damián

Berlin and Damian in their heist hideout
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Who is Damián? Alongside Berlin, Damián is the brains of the operation. He is also a mentor figure to members of the heist and takes the rules more seriously than his partner in crime.

What else has Tristán Ulloa been in? Ulloa has previously appeared in Hollywood blockbuster Terminator: Dark Fate and cult favourite Netflix series Warrior Nun, which was recently rescued from cancellation.

Samantha Siqueiros plays Camile

Pedro Alonso and Samantha Siqueiros in a scene from Money Heist: Berlin, with the Eiffel Tower in the background
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Who is Camile? Camile is the wife of a mark in Berlin’s plan. While conducting surveillance, he becomes infatuated with her and puts everyone at risk by acting on his emotions.

What else has Samantha Siqueiros been in? Siqueiros is known for Spanish television shows El Secreto de la Familia Greco, You Cannot Hide, Lady of Steel and Vikki RPM.

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