Who is the Imperial Blue Flight Advertisement – Ad Girl? Name, Instagram, and Pics Inside (2024)

The Humorous Twist in Imperial Blue’s ‘Men Will Be Men’ Campaign

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In one of the memorable advertisements from Imperial Blue’s “Men Will Be Men” campaign, a young man gallantly offers his aisle airplane seat to a beautiful young woman name, Arshin Mehta (https://www.instagram.com/arshinmofficial?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet&igsh=ZDNlZDc0MzIxNw==) only to discover that her grandfather will be the one sitting next to him. This humorous twist is a hallmark of the campaign, capturing relatable human behaviors with a witty touch.

Image Credit: Google

Ajay Gahlaut, the executive creative director of Ogilvy Group of Companies and the mastermind behind this campaign, emphasizes the importance of finding fresh insights that resonate deeply with the audience. “We constantly try to find nicer insights which people have not thought of but they instantly relate to it once it is being depicted in a campaign. Our objective is to make these as engaging as possible,” Gahlaut explains. The “Men Will Be Men” tagline, paired with the signature two-line ghazal, serves as a powerful branding tool for Imperial Blue.

Gahlaut’s popular two-line ghazal, “Pyaar ki raah mein chalna seekh, ishq ki chaah mein jalna seekh,” adds a poetic touch to the campaign, further enhancing its appeal. The clever use of humor and relatable scenarios, combined with this poetic branding, makes the campaign not only engaging but also memorable.

Imperial Blue’s “Men Will Be Men” campaign stands out for its creative approach to circumventing direct alcohol advertising restrictions in India. By weaving everyday scenarios with a humorous twist, the campaign effectively promotes the brand while entertaining the audience. This strategy not only highlights the product’s essence but also reinforces the brand’s identity through smart and engaging storytelling.

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