‘1899’ Cast: Set Sail for Multilingual Mystery

The passengers on the steamship headed to New York in1899 come from all over the world but have one goal: to start anew in America. Their trip is interrupted when the Kerberos receives a distress signal from missing ship Prometheus, sparking a chain of events with serious consequences (that may or may not be related to the secrets each passenger is harboring).

1899 comes from the creators of the trippy Dark, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, but it is not connected to that series, although some actors appear in both. And the ensemble cast includes actors from around the world.

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Emily Beecham

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A doctor on her way from the UK to the US — well, technically women in 1899 England were allowed to study medicine, but not practice — Maura is on the Kerberos.

English actor Beecham is a TV veteran, most recently starring in Into the Badlands and the mini-series The Pursuit of Love, but you’ll also recognize her from Hail, Caesar! and Cruella

Andreas Pietschmann

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The captain of the Kerberos, Eyk changes his ship’s course when he hears the distress signal from the Prometheus.

In addition to his unforgettable turn as the Stranger in Dark, Pietschmann plays Conny Breidenbacher in Netflix’s revenge drama Kitz, and his credits include dozens more German TV shows and movies.

Aneurin Barnard

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Daniel arrives on board the Kerberos in a mysterious fashion. Where did he come from? 

Welsh actor Barnard is also a musician and occasionally posts videos of his melodious pursuits on his Instagram. While he popped up in two final season episodes of Netflix fan favorite Peaky Blinders, you might know him best from his roles in DunkirkThe Goldfinch and the mini-series The White Queen.

Fflyn Edwards

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This mysterious boy who won’t say a word becomes Maura’s charge on board the ship.

Young Welsh actor Edwards is just beginning his career, but has appeared in the series The Snow Spider and TV movie Save the Cinema.

Miguel Bernardeau

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Well-off Spaniard Ángel is traveling to New York alongside his brother, a priest. 

Best known for his role as Guzmán, a Spanish teen inexplicably surrounded by murder in Netflix hit Elite, Bernardeau has moved on to romance series La Última and the upcoming Zorro (as the titular vigilante).

José Pimentão

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Ramiro is a priest accompanying his brother, Ángel, on the transatlantic journey — or so we’re led to believe.

The multi-hyphenate Portuguese star is well known in his native land for series and films including Valor da Vida and Al Berto, and he occasionally dabbles in music as an artist and DJ.

Mathilde Ollivier

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French newlywed Clémence is ready to start her life as a married woman, but her husband doesn’t seem as into the relationship as she is.

A model and actor, Ollivier has mostly worked in film — including horror thriller Overlord, rom-com Sister of the Groom and action sci-fi story Boss Level. She also produced the documentary The Upright Woman.

Jonas Bloquet

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He might have a fabulous mustache, but Lucien is so far a less-than-stellar husband to his beautiful new bride.

Bloquet hails from Belgium and has racked up multiple accolades at home and in France for his roles in films including Private Lessons and Elle. He starred alongside Taissa Farmiga and Demián Bichir in horror hit The Nun.

Clara Rosager

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Pregnant eldest sibling Tove, the most outspoken member of her religious Danish family, is traveling with her parents and siblings to New York for the promise of life-changing opportunities in a new country. 

American audiences will recognize the actor and model from 2022’s Morbius or the second and third season of Danish Netflix original The Rain.

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