Class on Netflix cast: Who stars in the Élite Indian remake?

With drama, murder and romance galore, Netflix’s Indian remake of the hit Spanish-language series Élite has captured the attention of viewers worldwide.

Just like its predecessor, Class follows three working-class students who manage to bag scholarships to one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

However, their hopes are soon shattered when elitist classmates show contempt for them at every turn, with the situation soon escalating into murder.

The show, which explores themes such as the wealth gap, gender, sexuality and caste, stars newcomers such as Piyush Khati, Gurfateh Pirzada, Madhyama Segal, Cwaayal Singh, Ayesha Kanga, and many more.

So, who else is in the Élite remake Class? Find out who is starring in the Indian show that has got everyone talking below.

Piyush Khati plays Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki

Dheeraj staring straight into the camera

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Who is Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki? After his school burns down, he receives a scholarship to Hampton International Academy, one of the best schools in the region. He has an older brother, who has served time in jail, and his dad is an alcoholic who owes a substantial sum to a local debt collector.

What else has Piyush Khati been in? He appeared in Netflix action thriller Extraction.

Anjali Sivaraman plays Suhani Ahuja

Suhani sat at her desk in school with her head propped up on her hand

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Who is Suhani Ahuja? The daughter of one of the most influential and ruthless businessmen in the region. She is different to her Hampton peers and strikes up a close bond with Dheeraj. Suhani has failed to live up to her parents’ lofty expectations and regularly takes drugs as a form of escape. She spent a stint in rehab last year.

What else has Anjali Sivaraman been in? Her CV includes web series PM Selfiewallie and Netflix’s Cobalt Blue.

Gurfateh Pirzada plays Neeraj Kumar Valmiki

Neeraj wearing a tank top and standing with his back to a wall on a night out

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Who is Neeraj Kumar Valmiki? Dheeraj’s brother. He’s a rebel who rails against the caste system and is arrested for leading a protest.

What else has Gurfateh Pirzada been in? You might recognise him from Netflix thriller Guilty, LGBTQ film I Am Alone So Are You, and Disney Plus feature Brahmastra Part One: Shiva.

Madhyama Segal plays Saba Manzoor

Saba talking to someone on the phone

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Who is Saba Manzoor? Like Dheeraj, she also attends Hampton on a scholarship. Saba takes her studies seriously, unlike her classmates, and hopes to attend university. She is targeted by one student in particular, Yashika, who enjoys making her life difficult. Saba’s father is strict and as such, she has lived a sheltered life.

Ayesha Kanga plays Yashika Mehta

Yashika sat at a table holding up a glass of champagne

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Who is Yashika Mehta? She is part of the popular crowd and takes an immediate dislike to Saba. Yashika wants to get her hands on the Hampton Gold, a prestigious academic prize, but she has serious competition in the scholarship student. Yashika is cruel and petulant, and she has no qualms about using underhand tactics to get what she wants.

What else has Ayesha Kanga been in? She plays the lead in Mexico-set film The Blood Priestess.

Chintan Rachchh plays Faruq Manzoor

Faruq sat on the floor of his room with headphones on

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Who is Faruq Manzoor? Saba’s older brother. He works for his father’s textile business, as does Saba when she’s not at school, and he deals drugs on the side. Faruq is also gay, for which he’s been subjected to prejudice and even violence.

What else has Chintan Rachchh been in? He is an influencer, a poet and a model.

Chayan Chopra plays Dhruv Sanghvi

Dhruv on the verge of tears with his mum hugging him from behind

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Who is Dhruv Sanghvi? He’s one of the top swimmers at Hampton and his dad, the swimming coach, has big plans for him. But Dhruv is carrying a secret that’s weighing him down. His mum is also the headmistress, which creates further pressure.

What else has Chayan Chopra been in? You might recognise him from Netflix’s Guilty.

Moses Koul plays Sharan Gujral and Naina Bhan plays Koel Kalra

Sharan and Koel on a night out standing next to one another

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Who are Sharan Gujral and Koel Kalra? They’ve been in a relationship for years but Koel has become tired of the same old routine and wants to spice up their sex life. Will Sharan go for it?

What else has Naina Bhan been in? Her credits include Prime Video romantic drama Made in Heaven.

Zeyn Shaw plays Veer Ahuja

Veer in standing in the middle of a room at school with a angry expression on his face

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Who is Veer Ahuja? Suhani’s brother. He’s dating Yashika but her plan to sabotage Saba causes a rift in their relationship. He spends most of his time running around after Suhani and lecturing her on her behaviour.

What else has Zeyn Shaw been in? He has also appeared in supernatural series Strange City.

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