Amazon Pay Ad Cast: Who’s the Actress Alongside Ayushmann? Let’s Find Out 2024!

Pay Karne Ka Smarter Way! Friends, a very good advertisement have been launched by the team of Amazon Pay in which Ayushmann Khurrana has been featured.

Ayushmann Khurrana, while promoting this ad, says, “Switch to Amazon Pay, Pay Karne Ka Smarter Way!”

Amazon Pay is a UPI-based online payment portal that allows us to make online transactions in India, and along with that, Amazon Pay also gives us good rewards.

Amazon India pays a lot of attention to its advertisements. They keep launching some good ads from time to time that attract customers very well.

Now recently Amazon India has launched an advertisement on April 17, 2024, featuring Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana and two female actresses. This ad is currently going quite viral.

Everyone knows Ayushman, but no one knew about these 2 actresses. Today in this post, we will discuss Amazon Pay Ad Cast and those same 2 actresses. What is the name of the girl featured in the Amazon Pay ad? Let’s see.

Amazon Pay Ad Cast

Kaveri Seth

Model and Actress Kaveri Seth Stunning photo
Image Credit: Instagram/Kaveri Seth

The first actress in this ad who is seated in the car is named Kaveri Seth. Kaveri is an actor and model, and as of today, May 2024, she has approximately 12.5K followers on Instagram.

Amazon Pay Ad Actress in the Car
Image Credit: YouTube/Amazon India

Kaveri is not only an actress but also a dancer and choreographer. She hails from New Delhi but is currently based in Mumbai. Her latest project is a film titled “Gulmohar” for Disney+ Hotstar and Hulu, directed by Rahul Chittella.

In this ad, Kaveri is looking very cute. She has worked in many ads alongside Amazon Pay.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Bollywood Actor Ayushmann Khurrana
Image Credit: Instagram/Ayushmann Khurrana

Who wouldn’t know Ayushmann? He’s the main lead actor in this ad. He’s doing a great job promoting Amazon Pay.

In the ad, he comfortably does a UPI transaction with Amazon Pay from inside the car to the parking lot. There’s also a beautiful actress with him.

Esha Kansara

Actress and model Esha Kansara stunning pose
Image Credit: Instagram/Esha Kansara

The actress beside Ayushman is Esha Kansara. Esha has worked in other Amazon Pay ads in addition to this one. In this ad, Esha is shown driving a car with Ayushman, while Ayushman makes an online payment.

People on social media were discussing a lot about the actress featured alongside Ayushman in this ad. So, I thought I should let you know about that actress.

Check out Esha’s Instagram ID-

Amazon Pay Advertisement Details

Amazon Pay Advertisement Details
Image Credit: YouTube/Amazon India
Brand NameAmazon
Brand AmbassadorAyushmann Khurrana
Theme Of AdPay Karne Ka Smarter Way!
Product NameAmazon Pay
Ad AgencyCEDO Talent Management
Duration0.38 Sec
Ad Release DateApril 17, 2024
Campaign NameAmazon Pay – Pay Karne Ka Smarter Way!

The ad shows Kaveri seated in a car with her husband, attempting a UPI transaction in a parking lot. But the UPI App not working, then Kaveri says that “Na light he Na QR Code, Nahi Chalega!”

Ayushman arrives there swiftly and effortlessly takes out his mobile to make the payment. Then Kaveri says, ‘How smart!’ And while promoting Amazon Pay, Ayushman says, ‘Actually, Amazon Pay is smart!’

Amazon Pay Ad Cast Ayushmann Khurrana and Esha Kansara
Image Credit: YouTube/Amazon India

If we talk about the ad, it’s just a 38-second short ad that was released on April 17, 2024, on Amazon India’s official YouTube channel.

People liked the ad very much and the casting has also been done well.  This ad has been created by the team at CEDO Talent Management, with Siddharth Diwan as the cinematographer.

Friends, I would like to tell you that I have provided information about many advertisement casts such as Envy Perfume, Macho Hint, Groww App Ad Girl, Puro Salt, Fena Ad, and others.

I would like you all to please check out those posts once. I have provided information about the actresses in all those ads.

Watch Amazon Pay Ad

YouTube video
Video Credit- Youtube/Amazon India


What’s the name of the actress beside Ayushman?

The actress beside Ayushman in the Amazon Pay advertisement is Esha Kansara.

Who is the actress in Amazon Pay Advert?

The actress in the Amazon Pay ad is Kaveri Seth.


So friends, now you must have known the name of the Amazon Pay Ad Girl and complete details about this ad.

Friends, I keep writing posts about such advertisements. If you want to know about any specific ad, do comment below and let me know, I will definitely create a dedicated post on it.

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