Big Girls Don’t Cry (Prime Video) Detailed Review, Plot, Performance, 2024

Today, let’s talk about a series called “Big Girls Don’t Cry” this web series on Prime Video is quite popular these days. People are talking a lot about it. That’s why I quickly watched this web series, and in this post I will share its detailed review with you. So without wasting any time, let’s see.

Big Girls Don’t Cry (Prime Video)

Big Girls Don't Cry Plot
Image Credit: YouTube/Prime Video India
Release DateMarch 14, 2024
Country of OriginIndia
Platform to watchAmazon Prime Video
Production CompanyMångata Films
IMDb Rating6.6/10
CreatorNitya Mehra
StarsAneet Padda, Lhakyila, Akshita Sood
Directed byKaran Kapadia

Big Girls Don’t Cry Review

Big Girls Don't Cry Review
Image Credit: YouTube/Prime Video India

This is the story of Vandana, who studies at Vrindavan Girls College, which is also a girls’ boarding school, and where Pooja Bhatt plays the role of the principal.

Especially, here we see the story of five to seven girls who have their own troubles at home. When people live together, what kind of relationships they have, what kind of bonding they have, or what problems teenagers might face, similar stories are shown here.

But friends, the story of this series is quite ordinary, and although words like patriarchy, equality, or freedom have been heavily added, it doesn’t seem like there’s a clear message. There’s no focus on any one subject, and it feels like they are just adding some spice to their work.

Characters also seem ordinary here. The girls have many restrictions on them, which is quite obvious. It’s also a big pretense that boys are not liked here; makeup is not liked here, or all these things.

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Plot and Direction

Big Girls Don't Cry Cast
Image Credit: YouTube/Prime Video India

But when you watch this series, the students here are doing all the work, and here’s a boys’ school where they meet frequently, give neckties to girls, and what was said at the beginning that boys are not liked here doesn’t make sense.

Or when you look at the principal, who wants to make a world-class science block but fails, and she feels very sad. So, as a viewer, I didn’t understand whether the girls didn’t get good facilities, which made them more sad, or a block she wanted to build in her daughter’s name and couldn’t make, which made her more sad.

So, the story here lacks substance; the characters are quite ordinary, and here you see a lot of flaws in direction and writing.

Technical Aspects

Many times, it seems laughable. Now there’s a girl writing letters at her home and says, “Remember the story of the rabbit? When the rabbit peeks into the well and jumps seeing its shadow?”

Now, people who read English but read Hindi stories, only they can do wonders because the story of the rabbit is different, and seeing its shadow in the well, it jumps, then that’s a different story.

Or here, Saharanpur is being called Haridwar, so seeing all these things, it feels very strange that just one idea is made that such a story needs to be shown, but for that, there should be good writing, good direction, and that’s missing.

And here, English is used so much that you can’t even tell if this series is in Hindi or if some Hindi has been added to it, and the second thing is that when you start watching this series, you don’t know what’s going on in the first one or two episodes.

Many characters are introduced, and their conversations come before us, and when you become familiar with the characters, then it’s not clear what they want to say, what kind of story they want to show. And friends, the editing here is a big problem.

Firstly, this series is very slow in between, and secondly, it’s so stretched that even if you fast-forward 10 seconds, 20 seconds, or 30 seconds, the story keeps going on, so overall, this series is a boring series.

I don’t know where Anupama picked it up and aired it because generally, series on Anupama are good, but this one isn’t.


Big Girls Don't Cry Performance
Image Credit: YouTube/Prime Video India

And where it’s said that big girls don’t cry, in this story, it happens like that, but the viewer is crying from the start to the end. For him, there’s nothing here except headaches.

And friends, if we talk about performances, then Pooja Bhatt is here, and she seems fine, or Mukul Chadda is here, or other actors, they are fine, but the casting of young girls may be fine, but there isn’t a single girl who impresses with her acting.

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Cinematography and Soundtrack

Technically, if we look at it, then this series seems good because the cinematography is good here, and especially the good locations have been shot well. There are songs here, a couple of intro songs, which seem a bit good.

Watch Trailer

YouTube video
Video Credit- Prime Video India

Final Verdict

And friends, this series has just started, there have been 7 episodes around 45 to 50 minutes each, there’s some abusing language here, there are sexual references here, and there are many such things that can be appropriate when watched with family children, and if you just skip or don’t watch this series, it’s better. If you watch it, there won’t be anything special.

That’s all for today. How did you like this review? Comment and let me know. And if you’ve watched this series, let me know how you liked it. Thank you.

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