Paytm Ad Cast, Girl Name – Who Is She? Let’s Check Out

Have you also seen the Paytm ad “Dil ke account se, Paytm karo”? And now, you want to know about the girl and boy in that ad, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’re going to discuss the Paytm ad cast. Who is this actress? What are her name, age, Instagram ID, and complete details? So let’s find out.

Friends, as you all know, Paytm Payments Bank has been shut down since March 1 due to non-compliance with RBI regulations. Despite being shut down, the Paytm app and platform are still functioning smoothly without any issues.

Talking about Paytm, let me tell you that about two years ago, around February 7, 2022, Paytm released an advertisement that is trending a lot these days. This ad was gone viral on social media and got around 19 million views on YouTube.

As soon as I saw this ad, I thought to myself how beautifully it’s made and how it’s filled with so many emotions and feelings.

Paytm Ad Cast (3)
Image Credit: YouTube/Paytm

The cast of this ad is also very lovely; the actors and actresses are very charming. As soon as I saw them, I immediately started researching, trying to find their names and Instagram IDs. After doing lots of research, I successfully found their information. In this post, we will talk about them. Let’s see.

Paytm Ad Cast and Girl Name

Viren Vazirani

Viren Vazirani
Image Credit: Instagram

Viren Vazirani (Lead Actor of this ad)was born on 19 December 2001 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He is an actor and model, known for ‘Arya’ (2020), ‘C.I.D.’ (1998) and ‘Zindagi Khatti Meethi’ (2015). Viren’s height is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m). He has faced many challenging roles in his career and he has performed them with perfection.

Paytm Ad Cast (6)
Image Credit: YouTube/Paytm

His profile is also very popular on social media, in which he has 96.7K followers. His Instagram handle is @Virenvajirani. On Viren’s Instagram page, he has made 193 posts so far, and he keeps giving his followers new information and pictures.

Viren has appeared in the role of lead actor in Paytm Ad. He has proposed his GF in different styles using Paytm.

Aneet Padda

Aneet Padda
Image Credit: Instagram

So friends Paytm ad girl name is Aneet Padda, and she’s just 21 years old model and TV actress, she looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous in curly hears featured in the ad.In my previous post about “Maggi Ad Cast” we seeand discuss about her. Aneet Padda recently made her TV debut in the Amazon Prime’s series ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry

Additionally, she appeared in the 2022 movie “Salaam Venky,” which is about 2 hours and 16 minutes movie.

Paytm Ad Cast (4)
Image Credit: YouTube/Paytm

Aneet Padda had approximately 25.9K followers on Instagram. You can follow her on Instagram at @aneetpadda. She isn’t very active on social media.

Aneet has also collaborated with other commercial brands such as Maggi, Nescafe, Cadbury, Amazon, and Paytm.

Paytm Ad Details

Paytm Ad Cast
Image Credit: YouTube/Paytm
Brand NamePaytm
Brand AmbassadorsSachin Tendulkar
Theme Of Ad“Dil ke account se, Paytm karo”
Platform NamePaytm
Ad AgencyN/A
Ad Duration3.17 Sec
Release DateFeb 7, 2022
Campaign NamePaytm karo

Ad Story/Plot

Paytm Ad Cast (5)
Image Credit: YouTube/Paytm

The story of this beautiful ad campaign is very heart touching and amazing. 3 minutes ad will make your heart warm. The advertisement depicts the story of a normal life, in which a young boy goes out to his first date with his Girl friend as usual.

And everyone suggest that boy to take her in some good place. He and his girl friend hang out and enjoy themselves during date time. To enhance the enjoyment of their date, the boy makes fast and easy payments with using a Paytm app.

This advertisement shows how simple it is to use Paytm and how easily it can fulfill the daily needs of people. Along with this, the advertisement also shows that using Paytm is a safe and reliable way to make payments. This is what they show in this ad campaign. All the actors have done their job very well.

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Watch Ad

YouTube video

Video Credit- YouTube/Paytm

Note: Guys, I have created this post after doing extensive research and dedicating a significant amount of time. My website does not promote any fake or pirated content.


Friends, did you like this information? Please leave a comment down. Also, if you want information about more ad campaign actresses and model names, please comment below. I will prepare a detailed post on it as soon as possible and share it with you.

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