Chull Ullu Original Web Series Watch Online 2024

Now what can I say about this series, who got the urge to bring this series. If guys, this “Chull” Ullu original web series wasn’t released, trust me, we would have found some other hot masala web series to watch instead.

Chull Ullu Original Details

Chull Ullu Original Web Series Details
Image Credit: YouTube/ULLU
Show NameCHULL
DirectorViral Bhatt
EditorNamwar Prajapati
Release Date28 July, 2024
PlatformUllu Original

Chull Ullu Web Series Cast and Crew

Chull Ullu Original Web Series Cast
Image Credit: YouTube/ULLU
Cast nameRole
Gulab SinghMunim
Taksh NarangKapil
Preeti Puneet KaurMalkin
Alpita KashyapSapna
Ritu PandeyBhabhi
Ayushi BowmickKavita
Series Directed byViral Bhatt
Writing CreditsRupesh Anand
Series Editing byNamwar Prajapati
Series Casting ByGuddu Khan
Series Art Direction byRadheshyam Mehata
Series Costume Design byAshu More
Series Makeup DepartmentShivani Singh
Series Sound DepartmentRavi Gautam

Chull Ullu Original Web Series Review

Chull Ullu Original Web Series Review
Image Credit: YouTube/ULLU

Finally, the all part of the web series ‘Chull’ has been released on Ullu platform.

In this series, what is good and what is bad, whether the series is worth our time or not, that’s what I’m going to tell you all in this post today. So hello and welcome to all of you on

Bro, what can I say about this series? I have no idea about the level of this series at all. I only know whether the series has gone up or down, but I just know that we shouldn’t watch this series.

Yes, if I explain this series in one line, then brother, I have not seen a worse series than this on the “Ullu Original” app this month.

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If you look at any actress, she is at such a level that she would be ready to do any scene given to her.

Chull Ullu Original Web Series Actress
Image Credit: YouTube/ULLU

But I don’t know how the director of this series wrote and made this series.

The story of the series isn’t something you’ll enjoy watching, and except for a couple of scenes, you’ll find most of it pointless to watch in this series.

The length of the web series is quite good but I watched this series only for half an hour because I did not have the courage to watch more than that.

In the web series, you won’t even find out what is happening in this series; things will just keep happening in the series.

The series has been released 28 July, 2024 on the Ullu app. And guess what, you get to watch three episodes right now in this part one, with each episode ranging from 13 to 19 minutes in duration.

If any of you happen to like even a single episode of the web series, then come and tell me that “Bro, you were wrong to say that the series is useless,” because here, the series doesn’t prove good in any case.

Watching the series would be foolishness if it doesn’t bring any enjoyment. So, if it’s not fun, then we should try to stay away from it.

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Chull Ullu Web Series Watch Online

YouTube video
Video Credit- YouTube/ULLU


So, here’s the review of the Chull Ullu Web Series that I wanted to give you guys. I hope you understand what you need to do next.

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