Womaniya Atrangii Web Series Review, Cast, Episodes, Where to Watch, 2024

Hello, everyone! Today, we’re going to talk about the new web series on the Atrangii platform. The series is called “Womaniya,” the latest romantic series featuring Ashmit Patel, Sofia Hayat, Bidita Bag, and many other actresses.

The series had multiple stories, each focusing on different aspects of women’s lives and the injustices they face. The series sheds light on various issues, such as domestic violence and societal norms that oppress women.

It shows the tales of women from different walks of life, each struggling against different forms of oppression. In this post, I will give a complete review of this Womaniya Atrangii series.

Womaniya Atrangii Web Series Review

Womaniya Web Series
Image Credit: YouTube/Atrangii
Show TitleWomaniya
GenreRomantic, Drama
Content Rating18+
PlatformAtrangii OTT
Directed byChandrakant Singh


Womaniya Atrangii Web Series
Image Credit: YouTube/Atrangii

Story begins with a writer, how women were treated back then, the injustices they faced, and the complexities of their lives. You’ll get to see various episodes, each showcasing a different woman’s story.

You can expect to watch around six to seven episodes, each revealing a unique narrative of a lady, depicting the struggles and societal norms they confronted.

After watching the trailer you’ll get what to expect from it. After watching a trailer, you’ll understand which actresses are involved and what stories they’ll be showing.

The story might not seem exceptionally extraordinary, requiring too much mental investment, as it’s composed of smaller episodes, each providing a glimpse into the lives of different characters.

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Why should watch it, and why not?

Womaniya Atrangii Web Series Why to watch
Image Credit: YouTube/Atrangii

The decision to watch or not watch the “Womaniya” web series is based on a person’s own choice. Here are some tips to help you decide should watch the series or not:

Why to watch:

  • If you are aware of social issues and women’s practices, then this is a must watch web series.
  • In this, the personal, social and cultural challenges of women have been discussed in detail.
  • The gay stories and Abhinay presented here will entertain you and make you think.
  • If you are looking for new and different series, then you must watch this web series.
  • The stories presented here will force you to think socially and psychologically.

Not to watch:

  • If you are hesitant in taking lessons from that language, behavior, or visible vividness, then you should not watch this web series.
  • If you are planning to give birth and can get influenced by the unique teachings, then you must watch this series.
  • If you are cultural or religiously minded and you want to avoid such practices, then you should not watch this web series.

In the end, to see or not to see is an individual challenge and one should take the decision as per one’s own convenience, taking care to maintain mental and physical safety in any case.

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Womaniya Atrangii Web Series Cast

Womaniya Web Series Cast
Image Credit: YouTube/Atrangii
Cast Members Real Names
Ashmit Patel
Sofia Hayat
Bidita Bag
Zaid Sheikh
Shweta Tiwari
Hrishta Bhatt
Shweta Bhardwaj
Seem Aazmi
Ritupernasen Gupta
Asif Sheikh
Rashmi Desai
Rajesh Sharma

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Womaniya Web Series Episodes

Womaniya Web Series Episodes
Image Credit: YouTube/Atrangii

Guy’s you can see there are total 6 episodes in this series and each episode is around 24 to 28 minutes. You can easily finished this series under 3 hours.

Episode 124 min
Episode 225 min
Episode 327 min
Episode 422 min
Episode 526 min
Episode 628 min

Where to watch Womaniya Web Series Online?

Womaniya Web Series Where to watch
Image Credit: YouTube/Atrangii

You can watch “Womaniya” web series on Atrangii OTT platform or atrangii app. This web series may be available on web streaming service. You have to search for it on the available Atrangii OTT platform and subscribe to watch it on it.

Friends, if you’re a fan of the Atrangii web series or enjoy watching comedy series, I recommend checking out the Double Trouble Web Series.

Watch Trailer

Video Credit: Atrangii YouTube Channel
Note- Friends, whatever information I have given you above, I am sharing with you after complete research, my website does not share any kind of fake and piracy content.


The people is curious about what to watch next in the upcoming episodes this series. Whats your thoughts about Womaniya Web Series? and If you also want watch this series tell us in the comments section.

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