Hamam Soap Ad Cast and Mother Actress Name, All Details 2024


The Hamam soap ad cast and mother actress is Mekha Rajan who is south Indian model and actress. Mekha is from Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, and India. Mekha rajan mostly worked in South Indian TV commercials, showcasing her widespread presence in the advertising or commercials in entertainment industry.

Of course, I understand, my friend. Just like me, you’ve seen a Hamam soap ad and now you want to know about the Hamam Soap Ad Cast and Mother Actress Name, right?

Don’t worry; I know there are others like me who want to know about this actress as well. That’s why I’ve prepared this blog post where we’ll see the complete ad cast of Hamam Soap.

Friends, as you already know that Hamam is well known soap brand. Basically Hamam soap is popular and widely used in south India.

Friends, in November 2023, Hamam India aired an advertisement on their official YouTube channel which quickly went viral. As soon as it went viral, people started searching for information about the cast of this ad on the internet.

Queries like Hamam Soap Advertisment Cast, Girl Name, Mother Actress Name, Big Girl Name, and more started trending.

That’s why I thought of helping you all out. I invested hours of effort to gather all the information and prepared this post. So, I’m sharing this post with you where we’ll check out all the details about the ad cast of this commercial. So friends, without wasting any time let’s see the complete Hamam Soap Ad Cast Name.

Hamam Soap Ad Cast

Mekha Rajan

Mekha Rajan
Image Credit: Instagram/Mekha Rajan

Friends Hamam Soap Ad’s big actress who played the role of Mother is Mekha Rajan.

Mekha is a south Indian actress and model who is a great example of Indian beauty. He looks quite beautiful and gorgeous. Her face was perfect for the Hamam Soap Ad Cast. The casting for this short ad was done very well.

Hamam Soap Ad Big Girl Name
Image Credit: YouTube/Hamam India

Further, Mekha is widely known as Hamam Amma (Hamam Mother). Along with being an actress, Mekha is also a voice artist and an accomplished Theater Artist, and she also sings and is a singer.

Mekha primarily hails from Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, and India. We mostly see her in South Indian TV commercials, showcasing her widespread presence in the advertising industry.

Along with Hamam, Mekha has also worked with brands like Bru, Tanishq, Tata Salt, Amazon, Maruti Suzuki, and many more.

Freeseries.in hats off to this multi talented actress and also wishes her good luck for her journey in the entertainment industries.

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Sanjana Sajan

Sanjana Sajan
Image Credit: Instagram/Sanjana Sajan

The name of the small actress who played the role of daughter in Hamam soap ad cast is Sanjana Sajan. Apart from looking cute, Sanjana Sajan is also very famous. You can see that as of today, Sanjana has 125k followers on her Instagram.

Friends, I could not find much information about this actress. But one thing is that Sanjana works on TV commercials in South Industry.

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Hamam Soap Advertisement Details

Hamam Soap Ad Girl Name
Image Credit: YouTube/Hamam India
Brand NameHamam
Brand AmbassadorSamantha
Product NameHamam Bathing Soap
Ad AgencyCast Me Perfect
Duration0.35 Sec
Ad Release DateNov 29, 2023
Campaign NameHamam Bathing Soap

According to Hamam it uses 100% pure natural Neem oil and complements it with two powerful protectors of natural healing – Tulsi and Aloe Vera, to give you the best effect to fight against pimples and other skin problems. It can provide the best solution. That’s some information about hamam soap.

When discussing the ad, it’s simply a 35-second short ad by Hamam. This ad was aired on November 29, 2023, on Hamam India’s official YouTube channel. Advertisement shows the relationship between a mother and Athlete type girl daughter.

Hamam Soap Ad Mother Actress Name- Mother with Her Daughter
Image Credit: YouTube/Hamam India

Basically this product promotes women empowerment. It is about encouraging women, focusing on boosting women’s confidence.

Hamam Soap Ad Cast- Clapping Image
Image Credit: YouTube/Hamam India

This ad has been cast by the “Cast Me Perfect” casting team, including Ben_philip_thomas, Shiyaz Khan7, and Thssneem CS. It was directed by S. V. Ashwathram and produced by Mile Stone Films TV.

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Watch Hamam Soap Ad

YouTube video
Video Credit- YouTube/Hamam India
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the girl in hamam ad?

The Girl in Hamam ad is Mekha Rajan.

Who owns Hamam?

Hamam is owns by a Indian unit of Unilever.

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