Aavesham Short Film Cast, Actress Name, Photos, Complete Info (2024)

Friends, this morning while browsing YouTube for a good Malayalam short film, YouTube recommended “Aavesham” to me. I immediately watched it and finished it within 12 minutes.

In the previous post, we discussed the fantastic Malayalam short film cast of “Kanne Kalaimaane” You all responded positively to it. Therefore, today, I have brought another Malayalam short film for you to watch. This short film delivers a powerful message. You should definitely give it a try.

It features an excellent cast and the actress is also very beautiful. In this post, we’ll discuss about the Aavesham Short Film Cast, actress name and complete details about the short film.

The short film “Aavesham,” released in Jan 27, 2024 on the YouTube channel “Budget Lab,” has duration of only 11.55 minutes. As soon as I watched it, I realized that its casting was done very well.

So I started researching about its casting and eventually managed to gather complete details. Today in this post I am sharing with you Aavesham Malayalam short films cast and complete information.

Aavesham Short Film Cast

Aavesham Short Film Malayalam Cast
Image Credit: YouTube/Budget Lab
Anand SurabhiAavesh
Edel Trinishia DcothaAnu
Dileep SettuSettu (Client)
K P SajeevanSajeevan
Balan MasterBabu
BinduAnu’s Mother
Bincy RajeevanAavesh’s Mother
Parvathy SajeeAnu’s Sister
Sarath KrishnaAppu
Rameshan PalolyRameshan
Sarath K AnoopAavesh’s Friend
Aswin NambiarAavesh’s Friend
Anup GovindAavesh’s Friend

Anand Surabhi

Anand Surabhi
Image Credit: Instagram/Anand Surabhi

Anand Surabhi, also known as Anand Babu, is the actor, writer, editor, and director of this short film. He has put in a lot of hard work for this project. Anand Babu is not only a handsome actor but also very talented. He primarily works in the Malayalam entertainment industry.

Anand Babu has around 911 followers on Instagram. Although the number of followers may not be high currently, I am confident that one day Anand Babu will become very popular, and his followers will reach millions.

In this short film, Anand Babu portrays the role of the main lead actor, “Aavesh.” He has portrayed his character with great passion and dedication. We should appreciate his hard work.

Edel Trinishia Dcotha

Edel Trinishia Dcotha
Image Credit: Instagram/Edel Trinishia Dcotha

The main lead actress of this short film is very beautiful and gorgeous, her name is “𝐄𝐃𝐄𝐋 𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐀 𝐃𝐂𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐀” as soon as I saw her in this short film, I fell in love with her. How lovely she looks. Friends, she is a popular Malayalam actress and model with great talent and beautiful face.

She has worked in many other short films and web series. Talking about Edel’s social media presence, this is her @_.belle.ame.__ Instagram handle. You can see that Edel is very popular on Instagram. As of today, she has 27.4K followers on Instagram.

In this short film, Edel portrays the character of the main lead actress, “Anu.” She has portrayed her character with great perfection.

Apart from this there are other cast members in this short film that played their roles very well. However casting of this short film is done very good we should appreciate all cast’s hard work.

Crew Members

Writer, Editor, DirectorAnand Surabhi
CinematographerRakesh Krishnan
Associate DirectorSarath K Anoop
MusicShamil Zam
Background ScoreCris
Lyricist, RapADZ
Sound Design and FoleyBillan
Title CardAdarsh Droid
After EffectsNabeel
LightAdarsh K C
PosterKarthik Babu
Asst CinematographerC V Gautam Vinod
Asst DirectorsAkhilsree, Aswin S Nambiar, Aswath Babu P
EditorAnand Surabhi
Camera UnitSreerag (Filmatica)

Aavesham Short Film Details

Aavesham Short Film Details
Image Credit: YouTube/Budget Lab
Show NameAavesham
GenreDrama, Love, Romance
Show TypeShort Film
Release DateJan 27, 2024


Aavesham Short Film
Image Credit: YouTube/Budget Lab

If we talk about the story of the short film, this short film tells about the pressures of society and the complexities of relationships. The story begins with a discussion between the characters on the uncertainty of relationships, while the story delves into the lives of several employees, highlighting their struggles and conflicts.

After several days and continued exploitation, the lead character, Avesh, becomes violent with his family, and then finally makes peace with his family. In short, this story talks about the themes of love, sacrifice and expectations of society, all this is shown in this short film.

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Aavesham Short Film Episodes
Image Credit: YouTube/Budget Lab

If we talk about the episodes of this short film, there is only one episode with duration of 11.55 minutes. You can watch this short film on the YouTube channel “Budget Lab.” Budget Lab is a quite famous YouTube channel with approximately 41.5K subscribers as of today’s date.

However, Budget Lab mentions about this short film: “This short film is not produced by Budget Lab. We are only presenting the film on behalf of the makers of the film. Films produced by Budget Lab are under the playlist category “Budget Lab Originals” here on our channel”

Friends, this is a very short and lovely short film. You should definitely watch it once. I recommend that you take out 12 minutes of your life to watch this short film. But it’s only in the Malayalam language. However, you can watch it with English subtitles.

Watch Aavesham Short Film

YouTube video
Video Credit- YouTube/Budget Lab
Note: Friends, I've made this post after complete research and investing a significant amount of time. My website does not promote any fake or pirated content.


Friends did you find this Aavesham Short Film Cast info useful? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning about more short film actresses and model names, then drop a comment below. I’ll make a detailed post on it and share it with you soon.

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