Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi: This TV Serial on ZEE Marathi is Going to Shut Down? Let’s see the Matter

Another popular serial on Zee Marathi will bid farewell to the audience. This information was told by the leading actor of this TV series. I’m talking about the popular small screen series “Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi” seems to be on its way to closure.

This show, which has suspense and thriller elements, has had various twists and turns. Due to these twists, changes have occurred in the storyline, which has made the audience unhappy.

Therefore, there is a demand from the audience to end this show. Now, the lead actress of this show, Aishwarya Natkar, has commented on this.

But “Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi” has already completed 500 episodes. Preparation is underway to give a tough fight to the opposition in the form of a two-pronged strategy. Astika Kol and Netra Kol have known as strong opponents in their homes.

Therefore, viewers are eagerly waiting to see when there will be a clash between the opponent and the daughter of the goddess in the eyes of Netra.

Meanwhile, after completing 500 episodes of this show, actress Aishwarya Narkar has commented on the character of Rupali Mhatre in the show, saying that the initial parts of the show were very good.

Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi Show
Image Credit: YouTube/ZEE Marathi

The character of the real protagonist did not come out initially. Gradually, this character has started to emerge. Taking on the role of Rupali has been challenging. Aishwarya Narkar said that Rupali’s character was like this.

Meanwhile, there will be a war between opponents and trinities in this show. After the end of this war, this show will end, she said. After the end of the opponent, there will be no meaning left for the show, so this show may end.

She has estimated this meanwhile; the show is currently on a twist and turns mode. Netra’s impact has reached the people in her home. Therefore, Netra and other members are seen fighting against Astika to prevent atheism from spreading.

Some parts indicate that Astika may be killed by Netra, hence this show may end. Therefore, the image of taking the audience’s farewell to this show is currently visible.

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Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi Show Details

Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi Details
Image Credit: YouTube/ZEE Marathi
Serial TitleSatvya Mulichi Satavi Mulgi
GenreDrama, Suspence, Thriller
Written byAbhiram Ramdasi
Directed byJayant Pawar
Original languageMarathi
Episodes508 (5/4/2024)
Running time22 minutes
Production companyIris Production
Release DateSeptember 12, 2022
NetworkZee Marathi

“Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi” is a Marathi TV serial on ZEE Marathi Channel. It airs every Monday to Saturday 10.30 PM. First episode of the show has been broadcasted on Zee Marathi on September 12, 2022.

Actually this serial is adaption of popular Bengali TV Serial “Trinayani” which is originally released on March 2019 and premier on ZEE Bangla channel.

The production of the show is done by Iris Production, with Lonavala serving as the primary production location.

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Complete Cast Members

Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi Cast
Image Credit: YouTube/ZEE Marathi
Cast NameCharacter NameRole
Titeeksha TawdeNetra Kulkarni / Netra Adwait RajadhyakshMain Cast
Ajinkya NanawareAdwait Shekhar RajadhyakshMain Cast
Jayant GhateBhalchandra Kulkarni (Bhalaba)Netra’s grandfather
Vinesh NinnurkarYoung BhalabaNetra’s grandfather (Young)
Sakshi ParanjapeMangala KulkarniNetra’s mother
Pranita AcharekarHema KulkarniNetra’s sister
Amruta BaneManorama KulkarniIndrani’s mother, Bhalaba’s sister
Rahul MehendaleShekhar Padmakar RajadhyakshAdwait’s father
Aishwarya NarkarRupali Anil Mhatre / Rupali Shekhar RajadhyakshAdwait’s step-mother
Mugdha Godbole-RanadeMamata Shekhar RajadhyakshAdwait’s mother
Rajani WelankarPadmaja Padmakar RajadhyakshAdwait’s grandmother
Janhavi KillekarYoung PadmajaAdwait’s grandmother (Young)
Vivek JoshiPadmakar RajadhyakshAdwait’s grandfather
Chaitanya ChandratreYoung PadmakarAdwait’s grandfather (Young)
Amruta RaoraneKetaki Kedar RajadhyakshAdwait’s aunt
Prashant KeniTejas Shekhar RajadhyakshAdwait’s step-brother
Ekta DangarFalguni Tejas RajadhyakshTejas’ wife
Aniruddha DeodharTanmay Shekhar RajadhyakshAdwait’s step-brother
Shweta MehendaleIndrani Padmakar RajadhyakshPadmakar’s step-daughter
Suruchi AdarkarAstika JatharSnake catcher
Ajinkya JoshiAdhokshaj (Banti)Rupali’s brother
Rajan TamhaneMr. DiwadkarHistorian
Kiran RajputRekha MahajanNetra’s friend
Ashwini MukadamLalita MahajanRekha’s mother
Atul MahajanPrabhakar GhaisasAstrologer


“Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi” story can combine the inner turmoil of the family and the social institutions. The main character of those things is Rupali, who is portrayed by Aishwarya Natkar. This is why the show called “Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi” because of these rooted thoughts.

The stories are different, and have a sharper and sharper vision. It shows the discussion and study of social understanding things of family.

“Satvya Mulichi Satavi Mulgi” is supposed to be closed after 500+ episodes, the series got emotional among the users by indulging in suspense.

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