Emoji Tamil Web Series Cast Name, Girl Name, Watch Online (2024)

  • Emoji Tamil Web Series Cast and Complete details
  • It’s a romantic drama web series.
  • Available on Aha official.
  • Released on August 5, 2022.
  • Each episode is 30-35 minutes long.

Friends recently I watched a tamil language web series its name is “Emoji” a romantic story of Aadhav and Diksha is shown in this web series it’s very nice series.

This romantic drama series released in 2022 is a hot topic right now everyone is watching this web series and discussing about it I also watched this series.

After watching the web series, I realized that the heroine is very beautiful. And the hero is also very handsome so I wants to know about them I got there info and I came here to share the cast’s info. So let’s know about the Emoji Tamil web series cast name.

Emoji Tamil Web Series Cast

Emoji Tamil Web Series Watch Online
Image Credit: YouTube
Devika SatishDiksha
Mahat RaghavendraAdhav
Maanasa Chaudhari
Vijay Ashiq
Adukalam Nareem
Priya darshi

Talking about the cast, Devika Satish has played the role of Deeksha. Also, Mahat Raghavendra has played the character of the main hero Adhav in the series.

There are many characters in this, such as Man Chaudhary, Vijay Ashik, Adukalam Narem, Priyadarshi and other actors.

Crew Members

If we talk about Crew member, the director and writer of this web series is Sen. S. Rangasami. The studio is set up and done in Ramana Arts.

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Emoji Web Series Episodes

Emoji Tamil Web Series Story
Image Credit: YouTube

Let’s take a look at the episodes, this series has a 1 season, it has about 7 episodes, and each episode is 30 to 35 minutes long.

The details of the episode are as follows-

Emoji Episode 1S01-E0130m
Emoji Episode 2S01-E0228m
Emoji Episode 3S01-E0334m
Emoji Episode 4S01-E0434m
Emoji Episode 5S01-E0531m
Emoji Episode 6S01-E0632m
Emoji Episode 7S01-E0738m

Emoji Web Series Story

Emoji Tamil Web Series Actress
Image Credit: YouTube

What is the story of emoji Tamil web series? Why is becoming as popular? Let’s see!

The Emoji web series follows the story of a couple who are separated not because of their misunderstandings, but because they have a greater understanding.

Aadhav and Diksha is a beautiful young couple are going to be separated from each other as circumstances have separated them if their love is true can they come back can love bring them back together.

This is all shown in this web series which you will be very interested to see what will happen now what will happen next I was also very interested what will happen now see what will happen next whether Aadhav and Diksha come together or not.

It is a really beautiful series, I will definitely recommend you to watch this web series at least once.

Where to watch Emoji Web Series online?

Emoji Tamil Web Series Episodes
Image Credit: YouTube

Friends, now you may be curious that where to see this website is available on which platform.

That is why I have come up with this blog post if I am to give you complete information.
So you can watch this web series on aha.video online OTT platform.

This seven episode web series falls under the “A” category. This series is rated “A” because there are some scenes that you can’t watch with your family.

Let’s also know about the pricing of this platform, how much it costs and what content is there, let’s see the complete information.

It has a starting plan of Rs.99 which is for three months but in this plan you will see ads and you can watch Tamil movies and web series in Full HD 1080p stereo.

Another plan is the one-year Animal plan in which you can watch 1080p Full HD stereo with limited aids priced at Rs 299 for one year.

The third plan is Tamil Animal Premium Rs. 499 for a year in which you can watch Ad Free content in 1080p Full HD Stereo.

The fourth and last plan is the Aha Gold premium plan of this plan you can watch content but watch 4k dolby 5.1 tamil telugu movies and web series for one year its price is Rs. 899 for one year but this is expensive and premium plan.

By selecting any one of these plans, you can watch full emoji web series as well as many content in Tamil language.

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Note - Friends, I am sharing the above information with you after complete research, My website does not share any kind of fake or piracy content here.

Final words

Friends, please comment and let me know what you think of the Emoji Tamil web series cast information I have given and if you have not seen this web series yet, then watch it and definitely let me know how you felt, whether it was good or not, I will wait for your comment.

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