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De Dhamal Marathi serial cast features a talented artist like Bhushan Tupkekar (Jhampya), Priya Bapat, Sudhir Joshi, Seema Pahwa, Gajendra Niswankar, Spruha Joshi, Priyadarshan Jadhav, and much more. This Marathi language series, which aired every Sunday at 10 AM on the Alfa Marathi (ZEE Marathi) channel, premiered in 2001.

Friends, today I am going to refresh your old memories. If you live in Maharashtra, you must have seen this TV serial. If you are a fan of TV serials, then you must know the channel Alpha Marathi; this serial used to air on the channel every Sunday.

Friends, on today’s date you will get to watch Paru, Satvya Mulichi Satvi Mulgi, Navri Mile Hitlerla, such other serials on ZEE Marathi channel. But there was one serial which won everyone’s heart.

The name of this serial is “De Dhamal”. Even if we talk about this serial, it is one that reminds every person in Maharashtra of their childhood days. I still remember those great TV days.

This serial was excellent; I used to watch it every Sunday without fail. In fact, such old TV serials should be shown on TV instead of the current rubbish serials. I really thank Zee platform for uploading such an amazing serial in Marathi; it rekindles our old memories.

In this blog post we will check out the De Dhamal Marathi serial cast and much more. So, without wasting time let’s talk about the complete cast of this serial.

De Dhamal Marathi Serial Cast

JhampyaBhushan Tupkekar
Pai KakaSudhir Joshi
Pai KakuSeema Pahwa
N/AGajendra Niswankar
N/APriya Bapat
N/ASpruha Joshi
N/APriyadarshan Jadhav
N/ASanjay Mane
N/ADushyant Wagh
N/AChinmay Sumit
de dhamal serial cast
Image Credit: YouTube

If we talk about the De Dhamal serial cast, all the actors and actresses have done very natural and spontaneous acting. Bhushan Tupekar has played the role of your and mine favorite character Jhampya. Also Sudhir Joshi has played the role of Pai Kaka. Seema Pokshe has also played the role of Pai Kaku.

Also, Gajendra Neswankar, Priya Bapat Spruha Joshi, Priyadarshan Jadhav, Sanjay Mane, Dushyant Wagh, Chinmoy Sumit are other actors in this role. If we want to talk about his acting, he has done this character in real life in the form of a serial.

In fact, it can be said that this character has living them in real life. It was really a very amazing serial and amazing acting has been shown by all cast of De Dhamal serial.

De Dhamal Zee Marathi Serial Wiki

Serial Nameदे धमाल (De Dhamaal)
Serial Telecasting in2001
Total Episodes52
GenresDrama, Comedy
Air TimeEvery Sunday at 10:00 A.M.
TV ChannelAlfa Marathi (Zee Marathi)


de dhamal
Image Credit: YouTube

Talking about the actors, now let’s take a look at the story of this serial.

Guys, if we talk about the story, watch the story. The major plot of this serial is that two groups of boys from the Ashtaved society try to out-do each other, resulting in a happy situation and laughter.

Very amazing comedy and plot of the serial keeps you connected with the TV and attract the audience with the acting of the cast.

Where to watch all episodes?

Talking about the cast and story, now you are excited where to watch all the episodes of this serial.

Friends if you have ZEE5 subscription then you can watch full episodes there this serial it had total 52 episodes and one episode was twenty to twenty five minutes. You can watch all those episodes on ZEE5. You can also watch it on YouTube.

You can watch the complete episodes of Zee Marathi’s official youtube channel, De Dhamaal Serial, for free, I will give you the link of the playlist, and you can watch the entire episode by clicking there.

De Dhamaal Serial All Episodes Playlist E01-53

YouTube video
Video Credit: Zee Marathi official YouTube Channel

The last episode of De Dhamaal will not leave you without tears in your eyes. I really thanks ZEE5 for uploading this serial feeling nostalgic. I just remember those old TV serials days.

Note- One important thing to mention is that I have provided all the information I have brought it to you after a lot of research. My website does not host any kind of piracy content. I have created this content following complete content guidelines.

Wind up

Friends, what do you have to say about this De Dhamaal Marathi serial cast? What are your thoughts? Please comment and let us know.

Let’s start a discussion about this serial. Thank you very much for taking your valuable time to read this post. Jai Maharashtra!

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