Pellivaramandi Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Episode (2024)


Hello Friends, mīku svāgataṁ, let me tell you that I have watched a very good comedy Telugu web series and I want to share its info with you. The name of this web series is “Pellivaramandi” and this web series is available watch on “Infinitum RomCom” YouTube channel.

The web seriesPellivaramandi,” available to watch on YouTube for free. This series is becoming highly viral on social media these days. I think you might have also seen some reels related to this web series on Instagram.

I also watched 4-5 reels on Insta, and then I couldn’t control myself, so I went to YouTube and finished watching the entire season of this web series. I felt like watching a good series after many days.

I’ve become a fan and addict of this web series. It’s a healthy comedy web series without any vulgarity.

This web series has become very viral and popular these days because of its diversity and the brilliant performances by the cast members, which have won over the audience’s hearts.

Everyone acted very well; the expressions of the guy who won the bananas were amazing. So, let’s get to know the real names and information of the cast members of this amazing web series.

Pellivaramandi Web Series Cast

Pellivaramandi Web Series Cast
Image Credit: YouTube/Infinitum RomCom
Cast Members Real Name
Prasad Behara
Swetha Ghattamaneni
Jdv Prasad
Chandu Jc
Torani Makana
Akshay Sriniwas
Kakinada Nani
Sri Kumari
Basangi Suresh

Crew Members

ProducerVandana Bandaru
Writer & DirectorPrasad Behara
Brands ManagerBhargav.T
Director of Photography (DOP)Vinay Sarukola, Kala Pavan, Dinesh Paruchuri
EditingKumba Shiva Kumar, Srikanth Macherla
Title AnimationKatam Reddy
Publicity DesignerNikhil Chotu
Sound EngineerVenkat & Bhaskar
Line ProducerSharif Nani
Executive ProducerChandu JC

Pellivaramandi Web Series Telugu

Pellivaramandi Web Series Telugu
Image Credit: YouTube/Infinitum RomCom
TitlePellivaramandi Web Series
PlatformYouTube (Infinitum RomCom channel)
Release Date18, July 2023
EpisodesS01-15, S02-11 (Rest Episode Coming Soon)
DirectorPrasad Behara

Pellivaramandi is a comedy and drama web series. This web series has been directed by Prasad Behara, and officially released in 18 July 2023. You will be able to watch this web series not only in India but also in every region.

But this web series is in the Telugu language. If you do not know Telugu, you may have difficulty because this web series does not have subtitles in english or other language.

There is no doubt that it is filled with a lot of comedy scenes. Each episode of this web series is around 15 to 20 minutes long, and it consists of a total of 15 episodes in 1st season. It is presented by “Infinitum RomCom”.

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Pellivaramandi Web Series Episodes

Pellivaramandi Web Series Episodes
Image Credit: YouTube/Infinitum RomCom

You’ll find two seasons within this web series. The first season consists of 15 episodes, while in season 2, as of April 2024, 11 episodes have been released, wand the remaining episodes will be released later. All episodes are available for free on YouTube for free very easily.

This web series isn’t lengthy or boring at all. Each episode runs for just 15-20 minutes, making it easy to watch and finish comfortably.

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Watch Pellivaramandi Web Series online

YouTube video
Video Credit- YouTube/Infinitum RomCom
Note: Friends, I have created this post after thorough research. My website does not provide any kind of fake or pirated content, and all image credits go to their respective owners. 


What is Pellivaramandi Web Series Actress Name?

The actress in the “Pellivaramandi” web series is Swetha Ghattamaneni. Here is her instagram ID-

Who are the main cast in Pellivaramandi Web Series?

The main cast members include Prasad Behara, Swetha Ghattamaneni, Jdv Prasad, Chandu Jc, Torani Makana, Akshay Sriniwas, and others.

Who is lead actor of Pellivaramandi Web Series?

Prasad Behara is the lead actor of this series. Here is his instagram ID-

Where can I watch “Pellivaramandi”?

“Pellivaramandi” is available for streaming on the “Infinitum RomCom” YouTube channel.


The Pellivaramandi web series cast members has done a fantastic job. Each artist has portrayed their role excellently. I hope we get to see Season 3 of this web series in the future.

Friends, Did you like the information I provided? Please do let me know by commenting. Also, have you watched this web series? If not, do watch it once. It’s a very good web series and it’s available for free to watch.

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