Kayal Serial Cast, Actress Name List, Photos, Sun TV (2024)

Friends, I know you just come here just to know Kayal Serial Cast Sun TV but let me tell you this serial on SUN TV has become extremely popular, with its TRP increasing day by day the reason behind is its cast which is very attractive. Keeping this in mind, I have prepared this post.

“Kayal” is a popular Tamil-language serial aired on Sun TV channel every Monday to Saturday evening at 7:30 PM. The plot of the show revolves around Kayal, a hardworking woman who works as a nurse.

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Ok now come to our topic, friends Kayal serial’s casting director and casting team have paid a lot of attention to selecting a fantastic and beautiful actress and cast for the show.

As soon as I saw the show, I felt that there are many wonderful actresses in this TV Series. So, I quickly gathered information about all those actresses.

Here, we’re going to check out all details about Kayal Serial Cast. So let’s find out about the Kayal Serial Sun TV Cast and Actress Name List with their Photos.

Kayal Serial Cast Real Name

Real NameRole
Chaitra ReddyKayal
Sanjeev KarthikEzhil Rajasekhar
Vazhakku En MuthuramanDharma
AyyappanMoorthy Muthuvel
Janaki Devi / Subha GeethaDhanam Moorthy
Baby DechinaAnu Moorthy
Ishwarya Ravichandran / Nila GracyDevi Vigneshwaran
GopiVigneshwaran alias Vignesh
Avinash Ashok / Harry / Jeeva RajendranAnbuselvan Muthuvel alias (Anbu)
Sathyapriya SivasamyShalini Anbuselvan
Abinavya DeepakAnandhi Muthuvel

This is the main cast of Kayal serial. Now take a look at this other supporting cast:

Supporting Cast

  • Sebastian as Petter Arumugam
  • Gayatri Jayaraman / Uma Riyaz Khan as Sivasankari Rajasekhar
  • Muralidhar Raj as Rajasekhar
  • Reehana as Prabhu’s mother
  • Ravikumar as Prabhu’s father
  • Birla Bose as Inspector Vajravel
  • Sumangali as Vadivukarasi alias Vadivu Dharmalingam
  • Fawaz Zayani as Subramaniyam alias Subramani Dharmalingam
  • Hensha Deepan as Pavithra Subramaniyam
  • Rothit Balaiah as Anand
  • Kiran Mai as Aarthi Anand
  • Hema Srikanth as Vedhavalli Chandrasekar
  • VM Rajesh Kanna as Chandrasekar
  • Ghouse Nisha as Uma Sethusingam / Uma Arumuguram @ Petter
  • Varun Udhai as Doctor Gowtham
  • Annapoorani as Vanitha
  • Suruli as Hospital Dean
  • Swathi Reddy as Ramya
  • Jeganathan as Ex-MLA Sethusingam
  • Arandhangi Manjula as Uma’s mother
  • Sidharth Kapilavayi as Prabhu
  • Bala Singh as Muthuvel

Kayal Serial Cast and Actress Name List with Photos

Kayal Serial Actress Name List
Image Credit: YouTube/SunTV

Chaitra Reddy as Kayal

Chaitra Reddy
Image Credit: Instagram/Chaitra Reddy

The lead actress in this serial is Chaitra Reddy. She is playing the role of Kayalviji Muthuvel alias Kayal. She plays the role of Kamatchi and Muthuvel’s elder daughter. You can follow her on instagram here is her Instagram ID:- Instagram.com/chaitrareddy_official

Sanjeev Karthik as Ezhil Rajasekhar

Sanjeev Karthik
Image Credit: Instagram/Sanjeev Karthik

Sanjeev Karthik is the lead actor of this serial, playing the role of Egilarasan Rajasekhar, also known as Ezhil or Kabilan. He is the son of Sivasankari and Rajasekhar. Sanjeev Karthik has played this role since 2021, and is considered the lead character of the serial.

You can follow Sanjeev on Instagram here is his Insta ID- Instagram.com/sanjeev_karthick

Vazhakku En Muthuraman as Dharma

Vazhakku En Muthuraman
Image Credit: YouTube/SunTV

Vaazhakku N. Muthuraman plays the role of Dharmalingam, also known as Dharma, in the serial. He is the husband of Vadivu and father of Subramani and Aarthi. Additionally, he is the uncle of Murthy, Kayalviji, Anandi, Devi, and Anbuselvan.

Meenakumari as Kamatchi

Image Credit: YouTube/SunTV

Meenakumari plays the role of Kamatchi, the widow of Muthuvel and mother of Moorthy, Kayalviji, Anandi, Devi, and Anbuselvan.

Sathyapriya Sivasamy as Shalini

Sathyapriya Sivasamy
Image Credit: Instagram/Sathyapriya Sivasamy

Kayal serial Shalini’s real name is Satyapriya Sivasamy. She plays the role of Shalini Anbuselvan, Vedhavalli’s daughter. She is also Anbuselvan’s love interest and wife.

Abinavya Deepak as Anandhi

Abinavya Deepak
Image Credit: Instagram/Abinavya Deepak

Kayal Serial Cast Anandi’s real name is Abinavya Deepak. She plays the role of Aandhi, the youngest daughter of Kamatchi and Muthuvel, Aandhi is prominently featured in the serial.

Ishwarya Ravichandran as Devi

Ishwarya Ravichandran
Image Credit: Instagram/Ishwarya Ravichandran

Kayal serial devi real name is Ishwarya Ravichandran or Nila Gracy. She plays the role of Devi Vigneswaran, the first younger daughter of Kamatchi and Moothuvel.

Ayyappan as Moorthy

Image Credit: YouTube/SunTV

Kayal serial moorthy real name is Ayyappan. He plays the role of Moorthy Muthuvel, the elder son of Kamatchi and Muthuvel.

Details of Kayal Serial SUN TV

Kayal Serial SUN TV
Image Credit: YouTube/SunTV
Show NameKayal
GenreFamily drama
DirectorP. Selvam
Release Date25 October 2021
Telecasting Time07:30 PM, Monday to Saturday
TV ChannelSun TV

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Watch Kayal Serial Promo

YouTube video
Video Credit- YouTube/Sun TV
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Who is main cast of Kayal Serial?

The main cast of “Kayal” serial includes Chaitra Reddy, Sanjeev Karthik, and Vazhakku En Muthuraman, among others.

Who is the actor of Kayal in Sun TV?

Sanjeev Karthik as Ezhil Rajasekhar is a lead actor of this serial.

What is the story of Kayal Serial?

“Kayal” serial follows the journey of a hardworking woman named Kayal who is the sole provider for her family.

What is Kayal Serial Heroine Name?

The main heroine of “Kayal” serial is Chaitra Reddy.

What is Kayal Serial Villain Name?

The villainous/Negative character in “Kayal” serial is played by Vazhakku En Muthuraman, who portrays role of Dharma.


Friends this is the complete details of Kayal Serial Cast, in this post I have given you all the details of Kayal Serial SUN TV serial cast and actress name with their photos. I hope you guys found this post helpful. Do share this blog post with your friends and family.

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