Rupay Credit Card Ad Girl, Model Name, Complete Cast 2024

I know you’ve seen the advertisement for the RuPay Credit Card just like I me. And now you want to know more about the girl in that RuPay Credit Card ad. Well, you’ve come to the right place because in this post, we’re going to discuss all about her. So let’s find out about the RuPay Credit Card ad girl.

Friends, every other individual in India owns a RuPay Credit Card or Debit Card. RuPay is highly popular in India. Banks usually provide RuPay debit cards by default to their new customers when opening savings accounts.

At the same time, the RuPay team pays a lot of attention to their advertising. Recently, they released an ad showing a girl returning from a trip and telling her husband that she did all the shopping with her RuPay card.

As soon as I saw this ad, I thought, ‘Wow, this girl is awesome and looks so lovely.’ I decided to find out more about her. Then I started researching the model from the RuPay credit card ad.

After hours of research, I found some information about her. In this post, I’m going to share that information with you. So let’s see who that beautiful actress in Rupay Ad.

Rupay Credit Card Ad Girl

Tanaya Sachdeva

Rupay Credit Card Ad Actress Tanaya Sachdeva
Image Credit: Instagram/tanayasachdeva

Friends the Rupay Credit Card Ad Girl name is Tanaya Sachdeva. Basically Tanaya is an Indian Model and Actress mainly works in Indian entertainment industry. Tanaya also worked in Bollywood and Tollywood as well.

Tanaya basically belongs to South India and she resides in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Tanya Sachdeva started working in the industry in 2010.

Speaking of achievements, in the same year, Tanya received the President of India’s National Award for Artistic Talent, as well as the Chief Minister of Delhi’s ‘Meri Dilli Award’ for Best Child Artist. You can imagine how talented and hardworking Tanya has been from a young age.

Tanya Sachdeva was a cast member in Neeraj Pandey’s popular Hotstar series, Special Ops. In this spy fiction web series, which is based on several Indian espionage missions, Tanya Sachdeva portrays the character Aditi Rao.

If we talk about Tanaya’s age, she was born on October 15, 1996, and she is 25 years old now. Tanaya is unmarried, and we do not have any information about her boyfriend or any affairs.

Friends, Tanaya is quite active on Instagram. As of today, she has approximately 73.8K followers. Here is her Instagram ID: @tanayasachdeva.

In her Instagram bio, Tanaya has provided an email address for work-related inquiries. You can check it out here:

Friends this is some information about Rupay Credit Card Ad Girl Tanaya Sachdev that I had gathered.

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Rupay Credit Card Advertisement Details

Rupay Credit Card Advertisement Details
Image Credit: YouTube/Rupay
Brand NameRuPay
Brand AmbassadorsHrithik Roshan
Theme Of AdThe Girls Trip
Product NameRuPay Credit Card
Ad AgencyN/A
Duration0.30 Sec
Ad Release Date11 April, 2024
Campaign NameRuPay

While discussing about the ad, it’s simply a 30-second short ad by Rupay. This ad was aired on Thu, 11 Apr 2024, on Rupay’s official YouTube channel.

Rupay Credit Card Advertisement - Robbers kidnap the homeowner
Image Credit: YouTube/Rupay

Friends, the ad shows that some robbers break into a house to commit a theft and kidnap the homeowner. They tie his hands and feet to a chair and point a gun at him. After a while, the homeowner’s wife or girlfriend enters the house.

Rupay Credit Card Ad- Girlfriend enters the house
Image Credit: YouTube/Rupay

Then the robbers also point a gun at her. The male character then says, “Tum to Girl Trip pe gayi thi?’ to which she replies, ‘I forgot to leave my wallet behind.

Then she places her wallet in the drawer. The male character then asks, “Fir Shopping, Clubbing, Bina wallet ke kaise karogi?” The girl then promotes the RuPay Credit Card by saying, “RupayCredit Card se karungi”.

This is what they showed in this 30 seconds short ad. It’s a quite interesting I like that ad and the actress Tanaya is looking very cute in this ad.

Who is the actress in the RuPay credit card- actress Tanaya is looking very cute in this ad
Image Credit: YouTube/Rupay

Watch Rupay Credit Card Ad

YouTube video
Video Credit- YouTube/RuPay
Note: Friends, all the information I have provided in this post has been created after thorough research. My website does not provide any kind of fake information.


Who is the actress in the RuPay credit card advert?

The actress in the RuPay credit card advertisement is Tanaya Sachdeva.

Who is the actor in the RuPay ad?

The male actor who plays the side character is J.D. Sharma.

Who is the brand ambassador of RuPay?

The current brand ambassador of RuPay is Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan.


Friends, did you find this information about the Rupay Credit Card Ad girl useful? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Additionally, if you’re curious to know more about the Indian advertisements actresses and models, then must leave a comment below. I’ll create detailed information on it and share it with you soon.

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